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Understanding the value of your home is a crucial step in determining if it is the right time to sell. If you are looking to find out the true value of your home, we can help you with that!

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What is a Home Evaluation?

Most sellers use a real estate agent. And for good reason! A skilled agent can ensure your home sells quickly and for the best price, while making the entire process much easier for you.

The first thing an agent will need to do to provide you with a home evaluation is to gather a little information on your property. Generally, the agent will ask you questions about the square footage of your home, if you’ve done any renovations, is your basement finished, and so on. If you plan to make changes before selling, inform the agent at this time.

The next step is for the agent to obtain data on comparable properties. This data is usually available through the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service) System. A qualified agent will also know of properties that are on the market or have sold without being part of the MLS® System. This will give the agent an idea how much your property is worth in the current market.

Please note that the home evaluation, or CMA, is not an appraisal. Appraisals are typically performed for the purpose of financing, and can represent quite an expense. Appraisals must be performed by a licensed Appraiser.

The home evaluation process takes place before your home is listed for sale and is a good assessment of what your house could potentially sell for.

Home Staging & Design Service

The goal of staging your home is to help it sell faster and for top dollar by exposing it to the greatest number of potential buyers. Homes that are staged tend to sell 80% faster than those that are not and, for more money!

As part of our full-service, client focused philosophy, The Knowles/Woolsey Team offers complimentary home staging to all of our clients.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale in the real estate market by making your home appeal to the widest audience of potential buyers. It’s about editing and neutralizing your home so that it looks bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and most of all, an attractive home that any buyer would want to make their own. Since we live in our houses every day, we get used to the way they look and we personalize them so that they work and look the way that best suits our needs. But once you decide to sell your home, you’ll need to change this.

Many buyers have a difficult time imagining themselves sitting down to watch their favorite TV show in a living room filled with your nick knacks and photos of your family. They feel like they’re in a stranger’s home. This is exactly what you don’t want. You want to make it effortless for potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home and feeling comfortable there. That’s where home staging comes in! Home Stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. They work with the ‘flow’ of the home to eliminate clutter, and edit and arrange furniture to show off a rooms size and finishes, so that your home makes the best first impression on potential buyers

Will Home Staging Help Sell My Home?

As a full-service, client-focused team, we truly believe that staging makes a big difference in the sale of your home and we’re not the only ones!

Read through some Home Staging statistics that we’ve gathered for you:

  1. Staged homes sold 80% faster than non-staged homes, with 20% receiving multiple offers
    (Real Estate Staging Association, 2012)
  2. 92% of home buyers are using the internet for their home search
    (National Association of Realtors, 2013)
  3. Staging speeds sales in a sluggish market and can increase prices 2-10% in a moderate market. In luxury and hot markets, effective staging can boost prices 20-50%

    (Wall Street Journal, 2003)

Expert Staging Tips:

  • A Neutral Base

    Neutral paint is a fantastic start; we can add pops of colours with accessories!

  • De-personalize

    Personal photos can be packed and stored in preparation for your move. Removing these personal items will help buyers to visualize themselves actually living in your home.

  • Keep it Clean

    Having a clean and fresh smelling home will keep people interested when showing the home. Abrasive odours and unclean areas will turn people away.

  • Lighting

    Open drapes, blinds and shutters allow natural light to flood the rooms and creates a welcoming and bright atmosphere.

  • Streamline

    Remove any ‘overflow’ or unused furniture so that buyers can see the size of the room and leave the space feeling light and airy.

  • Remove Clutter

    Keeping counter tops and vanity surfaces clear of day to day items, takes the personal out and keeps the buyers focus on upgrades and finishes, not your choice of toothpaste!

  • Curb Appeal

    Maximize the curb appeal of your home by sealing your driveway, removing off season decorations, keeping grass, shrubs and gardens looking trimmed and fresh, putting garbage and recycling bins out of sight, and in the winter keeping snow shoveled to show off decorative walkways.

How Home Staging with The Knowles/Woolsey Team Works

92% of home buyers look at listings online before deciding to ever step foot inside of a home for a showing. The first impression of your home is now a digital one, which is one of the reasons why Home Staging is so important. When you list your home with The Knowles/Woolsey Team, you’ll go through these staging processes before your home is professionally photographed and listed for sale:

  1. The Staging Consult

    The consult will include a tour of your home, both inside and out, and a discussion afterwards about all of the options available to you, and our consultant’s recommendations on how to best prepare your home for sale. Our staging expert will bring fresh eyes, a natural artistic ability and a design background into your home and look at it from a potential buyer’s perspective.

  2. Preparation

    In most cases staging your home will cost you absolutely nothing! Home staging is a complimentary service offered by The Knowles/Woolsey Team and our goal is to work with the things that you already have to stage your home for sale. In some cases, such as outdated paint colours or an outdated bedspread, a minimal investment is necessary to get the home ready for sale.

  3. Professional Photos

    After the staging preparation has been completed, our professional photographer and videographer will make an appointment to take photos and video of your home before it is listed for sale. Completing the staging of your home before it is photographed and listed on the market will make the best first impression to home buyers browsing online. It is one of our strategies to ensure that we are providing you with the highest level of customer service and a stress-free real estate experience!

Preparing for a Showing

A showing appointment, booked by the buyer’s agent on your property, is one of the most important steps in selling your home. It is your chance to really show off your home to potential buyers!

How to Prepare Your Home for a Showing

With 90% of home buyers starting their home search online, your ‘first showing’ is often a digital one. That’s why home staging and professional photos and video of your home are so important. It’s also why The Knowles/Woolsey Team offers our clients complimentary home staging and complimentary professional photos and video.

Showing appointments should be treated with great care. They are your home’s chance to make a great first impression and leave buyers dreaming about buying your home! With a little bit of effort, you can greatly increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Removing any distractions will allow the buyers to focus on the best features of your home, and what their lives could look like if they lived there.

Since you’ve likely already listed your home, you will have already staged your home and taken care of any minor repairs and renovations, but there are a few tasks to keep in mind for showings while your home is on the market. The checklist below will tell you how to prepare your home for a showing and ensure that your home always makes a great first impression:

Curb Appeal

  • You want to draw the buyers in with a ‘WOW’ as they drive up to your home!
  • Make sure your lawn is cut & trimmed and the gardens are weeded in the summer and that snow is shoveled in the winter.
  • Add some seasonal decorative pots or flowers. This will greatly enhance your curb appeal.
  • Pick up outdoor tools such as shovels, rakes, lawn mowers etc.
  • Pick up after your pets.
  • Remove any obstructions from curb view, i.e. garbage and recycling bins.
  • Clear driveways and walkways.
  • Remove any seasonal decorations promptly.

Inside the Home

  • Once inside, you want to keep that feeling of ‘WOW’:
  • Open curtains and blinds to let natural light flood in.
  • Turn on the lights for evening showings.
  • Turn on your fireplace (if applicable) to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Set the home to a comfortable temperature – if your home is too hot or too cold the buyers may think there is a problem with the heating or air conditioning.
  • Make sure all noisy radios and TV’s are turned off. Contrary to what you may have been told, loud music is distracting to the buyers and may hinder their ability to talk to each other during the showing.
  • Make sure rugs are clean and straight.
  • Empty waste baskets.
  • Clean off counters by putting away dishes and small appliances in the kitchen.
  • Put away toiletries in the bathroom and ensure that the sink, toilet and showers are clean, and the toilet seat is down.
  • Pick up dirty clothes.
  • Make sure all beds are made.
  • Deodorize pet areas and tidy up any toys or pet bedding. Be careful not to ‘over-deodorize’ or buyers may think that you are trying to hide something.
  • Do a “once-over” cleaning: vacuum, sweep, dust.
  • Set out your special occasion towels (kitchen & bathroom). Hint: remove them after the showing so you can use them again next time!

These next items may not always be possible but will add to the atmosphere of your home:

  • Set a fresh flower arrangement in the kitchen or main living area.
  • Create a pleasant smell by having fresh baking in the oven or potpourri throughout the home.

Preparing your home for a showing may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Get the whole family to pitch in and you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in a short period of time, and how big of a difference this attention to detail can make. If you’ll be away from the house all day try to work these tasks into your morning routine so your home is ready, even for last minute showing requests. You never know which showing will be the ‘The One’!